Set up VPN on Windows 8 RT

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At first it seemed not possible to set up a VPN connection for my Surface (running Windows 8 RT). I was told it was not supported and when you go thought the setting there is indeed nothing for it in any of the menus.

Luckily I met someone I came to talk to someone during lunch who had managed to set up VPN. This is how you do it:

Swipe in the panel from the right, choose search and type: VPN

 Yes, It’s that simple!

Choose the option “Set up a virtual private network (VPN) connection” and you’ll end up in the following Desktop screen:

After creating the VPN connection you’ll see it as one of your networks. Press and hold to bring up the option: View Connection Properties

This allows you to further configure your VPN.

Since I’m not an experts on VPN itself I will not go into more details. My goal was only to tell you that VPN is supported and this is where you find it!

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